Crude Oil Trading Abroad

Logistical Network to Distribure Energy
Around The World Efficiently

Petro Chemical Trading

Trading Refined Oil Products Abroad

About Us

Stryk Energy DMCC (STRYK) is an emerging Trading company incorporated in October 2021 and approved trade licence in DMCC Free Zone.

STRYK formed under the Professional and enthusiastic international Market Players having proven record of Petroleum Product Supplies and Transportation. .

We deploy infrastructure, skills and our global network to move physical energy and bulk materials safely and efficiently from where they are sourced and stored to where they are demanded most.



Why You Should join us

You need protection & satisfaction

Our team is composed of dynamic, motivated professionals. We make fast and clear decisions based on our experience and market knowledge. STRYK has an immense portfolio of transport, supply chain and logistics solutions. As such, we’re experts in identifying the challenges specific to your industry.